Our tools make it even easier to earn money.

Haven't figured out how to earn money with Admitad yet? We've made a list of ways to earn so you can choose one that suits you.

Use special affiliate links so that we know that a customer came from you. We have everything needed to make working with links easy:


Mark links with SubIDs to learn which one works the best.

List of tools for earning

Instant Payout

Withdraw your funds before the advertiser even pays their invoice! Instant Payout helps you speed up the process of getting funds from "Awaiting advertiser payment" to "Ready for withdrawal" so you can use them again to earn even more.

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Admitad Teleport

Admitad Teleport gets users straight to the advertiser's website without being redirected to the affiliate network's website. This helps register even more orders. This tool is a good fit for Admitad publishers who have their own website, browser, or browser extension.

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Admitad Extension

Get affiliate links right on advertisers' sites. The browser extension instantly generates a link to the page you're on and shortens it to make it look better to users.

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Telegram bot

Create affiliate links from any device that's convenient for you: a smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can send a link to any product to the Telegram bot, and it'll generate an affiliate link.

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Product feeds

Say goodbye to creating product descriptions manually. Automate the process of adding content to your site using our product feeds. A feed is a ready-to-use catalog with information about an advertiser's products that you can publish on your website (an affiliate store or price comparison service).

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Lost orders

If you don't see a particular order in your reports or don't agree with an advertiser's decision to decline it, you can use the "Lost orders" tool to submit a request to search for the order or review the decision. We will definitely review it.

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Integration with Google Ads

If you publish ads on Google, you can arrange to have action data sent from Admitad reports to your Google Ads account in order to activate automatic rate-setting strategies. They'll help you save money and get more conversions.

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Coupons and promo codes

Making purchases is more fun if there's a discount. Share promo codes and coupons from advertisers with your friends and subscribers. They'll be more eager to buy, and you'll earn more. And to reach even more people, you can make a site that aggregates coupons.

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Postback URL

Set up your own analytics system with Postback: send data from Admitad reports to your server and reformat it to make it convenient for you to analyze. The postback feature starts working as soon as data appear in reports, so you'll always be up to date.

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Admitad API

Automate your work with Admitad. Get affiliate links, coupons, and product feeds—this will all be done online and without your personal effort.

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Guest access

Get colleagues or assistants involved in working with your account. Create guest accounts for them and give them access to the sections of your account they'll need, hiding the rest.

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With ReTag you can integrate your own services (i.e., banner or email retargeting) into an advertiser's website in several steps, without the advertiser's participation.