When you place an ad through Admitad, you can be sure you're paying for real actions and high-quality traffic and that your data is safe. We want the market of online advertising to be honest and transparent, so we have strict rules for working with affiliates.


2019 was a game-changing year for Admitad: having introduced a new management vertical, we created decentralized teams with regional expertise to help advertisers and publishers in various countries develop.

That year also saw the relaunch of Admitad Extension, an extension for Google Chrome that makes it possible to get links to products right on advertisers' websites and to find affiliate programs in Google and Yandex search results.

Admitad continued to expand its offering of tools, introducing Admitad Bot for Telegram (allows creating affiliate links on any device in a few seconds) and Unique Promo Codes (for placing offers without affiliate links).


The company's growth led to a partial restructuring in 2018, with the creation of a COO position.

The tracking system was updated with the introduction of TagTag, a new system of integration through tracking codes. This improved the quality of order tracking and, among other things, allowed for cross-device tracking. Admitad also launched CPA Offline—a solution that lets advertisers create affiliate programs for offline stores.

The company continued to expand abroad and opened an office in the UAE.


The company continued to boost its international presence, opening an office in China and forming a team to handle the global development of the affiliate network. The integration department expanded and was restructured as a full-fledged tracking department.

2017 saw the completion of one of Admitad's most important developments and the launch of Mobile SDK, a tool for tracking actions on mobile apps so that users who go from the mobile version of the site to the app don't fall through the cracks.


The year 2016 saw the full-scale launch of Admitad Invest, a program for investing in online projects and developing promising publishers. One of the investments made that year was in the messenger Blinger.

Admitad added Lost Orders to its arsenal, allowing publishers to look for or review orders that did not make their way into reports or were declined by mistake.

Admitad also began developing its cooperation with bloggers, added the Shortlink tool to its platform, and introduced ad space validation on social networks.


In 2015, Admitad launched express payments and a ticket system to improve the quality of its service for publishers. Several solutions were developed for advertisers to enhance tracking and detect fraud (for instance, call tracking and postview tracking). The year 2015 also saw the release of the browser extension Admitad Extension.

The Admitad Invest fund was launched on a trial basis for investment in outside projects, including cashback service LetyShops.

Pursuing its strategy of increased international presence, Admitad opened offices in Istanbul, Turkey, and Gurugram, India.


In 2014, Admitad created an advertiser relations department. The number of verticals grew, with tourism joining the online gaming and online store segments.

The first Admitad Expert conference was held in September of that year. It has since become an annual event where top publishers and major advertisers meet to share their expertise in affiliate marketing.


In 2013, Admitad began to develop internationally, launching cooperation with ASOS and AliExpress. In the same year, Admitad adapted its platform to handle another category of publishers: cashback services.

New tools and updates included ReTag (a tool for advertisers and publishers), Admitad API, and install tracking. The first Admitad Lounge, an industry-specific business event, was also held that year.


In 2012, Admitad continued to devote resources to developing its affiliates, launching the first version of Admitad Academy, which provides training programs for advertisers and publishers.

The company also continued to develop useful tools nonstop, releasing, for instance, Product Feeds—an instrument that grants publishers easy access to advertisers' product catalogs and automates the process of filling ad spaces with products.

Other tools developed in 2012 include SubIDs and the Link Checker.


In 2011, the company began to shift its focus from gaming to the e-commerce segment. It also created its first team for working with affiliates in order to boost publisher development and provide support to affiliates who were new to the platform.

One way Admitad communicates with publishers is through its corporate blog that was launched in 2011.


The year 2010 marked the launch of the Admitad platform, whose first users were advertisers from the online gaming segment. The company continued to grow at an incredible pace, also in the Russian market—bringing Admitad to opening its Moscow office in mid-2010.


We consider 2009 to be the year when the idea of the Admitad affiliate network was born. This was followed by the registration of the domain admitad.com and opening of our first offices (in Heilbronn, Germany, which is now our international company's headquarters, and in Minsk, Belarus).

The founder and CEO of the company is Alexander Bachmann.