Honest sales and brand safety

When you place an ad through Admitad, you can be sure you're paying for real actions and high-quality traffic and that your data is safe. We want the market of online advertising to be honest and transparent, so we have strict rules for working with affiliates.

Traffic quality control and brand protection

Admitad created a special department to make sure that you get high-quality traffic. It monitors the work of publishers and compliance with the rules of affiliate programs. The monitoring system allows us to track and take action when we detect suspicious traffic, fake orders, or cookie-stuffing. The tool "Brand Auditor" helps you monitor mentions of your brand by tracking the use of negative keywords in contextual advertisements.

Reliable action tracking

If you work with other affiliate networks, deduplication technology will help you separate orders of Admitad publishers from those that came from other networks. This helps avoid double payments. The cross-device option lets you attract publishers with mobile traffic. Additionally, we have a system that notifies you of fluctuations in tracking, so if something goes wrong, you'll find out quickly.

Protection of users’ data

Your data will be used only with your consent and strictly in the scope needed to provide you with services. We comply with European legislation on protecting users' personal data: GDPR and ePrivacy.

To find out what GDPR is, why it's important, and what we do to keep your data safe, here.

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