mCaffeine grows 4x times with Admitad India within a year

mCaffeine is India’s 1st​ caffeinated personal care brand with an exciting range of Caffeinated products for young and aspiring millennials. With 100% Vegan & Cruelty-free, Peta certified brand, they have achieved Zero Plastic Footprint to do their bit for the environment. It has been just a year Mcaffeine has started their affiliate program with Admitad India and have been focused on achieving their desired goal. 


With the help of Admitad Affiliate, mCaffeine was looking to:
  • To increase the outreach 
  • Not just being dependent on performance marketing channel like Google and Facebook
  • Increasing the brand strength with existing alliances and partnership platforms present in India
  • Showcase the potential of the program to publishers
  • Cost Effective customer acquisition


To provide the best results and achieve the desired goal, we made a series of steps - from understanding the target audience, target guidance for the publishers/and partners. 
  • Started with cashback and coupon deals
  • Onboarded Telegrammers
  • Onboarded Loyalty platform including bank partnerships
  • Influencer marketing (Instagram)

Starting of With Cashback and Coupon Deals

Like any other brand, mCaffeine’s ultimate goal was to get consumers onboarded. To start off the affiliate program, Admitad Affiliate along with Mcaffeine introduced exclusive coupons, deals and promos for the partners. 

New Publishers as a source of new customers

The rising demand of telegram channels is the main reason behind brands shifting towards that channel. To develop the existing partners and introduce them to the program we made every effort to onboard the new one which helped mCaffeine not only get new customers but the much needed exposure as well as a brand.

Working With loyalty Platforms (Including Banking Partners)

To furthermore expand the reach of mCaffeine to the audience, we partnered with loyalty programs including the banking partners which helped accelerate the campaign at a higher speed. Partnering with these loyalty platforms allowed consumers to get rewarded with cashbacks and coupons tempting them to shop more from this brand.

Final Step: Influencer marketing

We know the importance of social media and its influence on the audience. Once we were done establishing the brand, we collaborated with micro influencers for promoting the brands on various social media platforms to attract the right audience and also to mark the brands presence on social media.


When mCaffeine partnered with Admitad India, our main focus was just  not to deliver the sales, but also consolidating its presence in the market while keeping spends in check. We started the affiliate program in the year 2021 and in the short span of 9 months, we have seen a 4x growth in the no. of orders. 

Top Traffic Types


We launched our campaign with the Admitad Affiliate and we can proudly say that within the first nine months we have seen an immense growth on our website. Affiliate marketing is one of the most promising sales channels for any brand as it’s the only channel that gives 360-degree visibility across online platforms. Over the last nine months, Admitad Affiliate has not only helped us with sales but also in brand building. We were in continuous touch with each other and planned various strategies like trying  out cashback and coupon deals and influencer marketing. We are elated with the result and hoping to continue this partnership into a long term association”, — Nayan Gupta, Assistant Manager - Growth Marketing, mCaffeine