Honest partnership with brands

If you work with Admitad, you can be confident that advertisers will be reliable, payments will come on time, and your personal data will be safe. We want the market of online advertising to be honest and transparent, so we have strict rules for working with affiliates.

Advertiser quality control

When a program launched, we always check the program rules and payment terms, and then continually make sure they're up to date.We also monitor payment timeframes and work to have advertisers pay for actions more quickly and indicate the reason any time they decline an action.If your order was declined by accident, you can always file an appeal and get money for it.

Reliable action tracking

Thanks to our tracking system, you get paid for all the orders that users placed using your link.We track actions from websites and mobile apps and take various user scenarios into account.If a program has issues with tracking, we find out and fix everything quickly thanks to our notification system.

Protection of users’ data

Your data will be used only with your consent and strictly in the scope needed to provide you with services. We comply with European legislation on protecting users' personal data: GDPR and ePrivacy.To find out what GDPR is, why it's important, and what we do to keep your data safe, click here.

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