Choose a way to earn money with Admitad

To start earning, you just need to share a link to an advertiser's product. If someone uses it to make a purchase, you'll get a commission. All you have to do is decide where exactly you'll share links.

Ways to earn

Social media profile or group

Send links to products you like to friends or put them in comments in groups on Facebook or Twitter. You can also write posts with reviews of products on your own page or group or share promo codes in Instagram stories. Topical public pages featuring discounts or, for instance, cheap air tickets also work well.

Email newsletters

Websites often ask you to enter your email address so you can stay up to date or get discounts. If you happen to be the owner of such a site and you've already collected an email database, monetize it. Start sending out newsletters with lists of products, air tickets, courses, and other content that your audience will find interesting. Don't forget to include your links.

Contextual and targeted advertising

You've probably seen announcements marked "Advertisement" on Google or Yandex and advertising sections on social networks. The first kind of advertising is "contextual," the second is "targeted." These are also called "traffic arbitrage," and people who create such ads are called media buyers. You can become a media buyer by putting ads on search engines and social networks. Use your own links as the links in the ads.

Your own online store

Make your own site with advertisers' products. It's not as hard as it sounds: you can get and update all the necessary information about the products (pictures, prices, descriptions) automatically using our tools. You can simply send users to advertisers' sites or handle payment and order delivery yourself.


Users get back some of the money they spend when they place orders using your links. You receive a commission that you can share with the users. You can set this up as a site with a catalog of partners from which users can go to stores' sites and place orders. Another option is to make an extension or toolbar that notifies users that they can receive cash back when they go to the site.

Price comparison service

Help users save money. Make a site for comparing prices of products at various stores and post your own links to the stores. Everyone wins: the customer gets the product at the best price, and you earn money.

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